Summer camp “Creative Studios” and Rampa theatre 8.08-14.08.


We are a team of creatives united by the idea of minimising the long term psychological effect on women and children of Ukraine forced to flee their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are organising international cultural events with the aim to maximise and strengthen integration between Ukrainian and Polish communities through mutual participation and engagement with creative processes and the therapeutic effects they offer. Furthermore our project seeks to provide the displaced families with basic opportunities to earn money.

This time we are offering children a unique opportunity to meet and learn from an international team of creative professionals.

Theatre and film directors, visual artists and designers, composers and musicians will come to Rampa Theatre in Warsaw to work with children (9-17 years old) from the 8th to 14th of August in the “Creative Studios” summer camp.

In its last three days, “Creative Studios” will open their doors to the city. All visitors are invited to try their hands in any workshops and watch the performances and other events prepared by the participants during the summer camp sessions.

Our main target is to create a safe, creative interdisciplinary environment where children and their parents can collaborate, explore new ways to express themselves, and experience the benefits of a community spirited approach to art.

All of our events are free.