When I was little I had different toys. I was wondering how they are
arranged, how they are made, what is inside them? I dismantled cars,
pistols. I wanted to understand how the arms and head are attached
to the pupae. Many of the toys were still disassembled. Then I grew
up. Theater and cinema came into my life. And I wanted to know how
they are arranged. How is it that a miracle that causes tears and
laughter in us is obtained? How do actors manage to cry themselves?
How are races and all sorts of stunts filmed? How do you shoot
summer in winter and winter in summer? And I went to study. First I
became an actor, then a director. I staged performances in theaters,
starred in films and serials. Filmed myself. Then I began to write plays
and scripts. It seems that I managed to understand some secrets. And
I really want to share them with you. Come to us. I’m sure it won’t be
boring. Together we will go from idea to implementation.