Hello! I am Inna Dulerayn. I am waiting for you in our camp to
go on a journey together. Our journey may be
whatever – time travel or a flight to Mars.
Just how we want it.
I believe in magic and I think that all people are wizards, only
not everyone knows this. A famous magician and healer Paracelsus
wrote in his books that the art of magic is based on the strength of
imagination. Therefore, by developing the imagination, we can develop
our magical superpowers. I wrote a play about all of it
and made the play and it was played in London right next to
the theater where Harry Potter is on (this is so that everyone knows where to find us)
I am a theater and film director, playwright and actress.
I also love stories very much, I told them to everyone from my very early childhood. I believe stories are the secret way to change
We will compose stories with you and make them theatrical
performances. And if along the way miracles happen, we will know that all this is no coincidence)))