Nataliia Datsenko – director, screenwriter, actress of the craft theater “Art Baggage”, art teacher.
Your participation in the August project begins with a questionnaire that contains words that a person can contain.
I am also a person, so I start acquaintance through my words about myself.
Wheels are an important word for me, it’s about efficiency and movement. I ride a bicycle and run a theater on wheels. And I also dream of a bus theater.
Purple is the color of creativity and fantasy, so it’s with me everywhere. It’s about flexibility and development. In classes with children and adults, we create worlds from clay, paper, and cardboard.
Mountains are about the immensity of the world, about finding a path and, most importantly, about freedom. Freedom to be yourself, freedom of self-expression.
Collect is a word I like in Latin. My life motto is “Collected in childhood – baggage for life”. In my theatrical and life suitcase, I collect everything that is important, transform it into experience and embody it in performances, share it.
These are four words about me, and I will be happy to hear words about you in August, so see you soon!